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Pressing deadlines: how to accelerate logistics processes

What indicator is the most important in logistics? Naturally, all processes are of great importance, but time has the highest priority by right. How to speed up and optimize the delivery time without sacrificing quality?

The country’s market is dynamic and in order to remain competitive it is necessary to improve the quality of services constantly. The traditional priority for customers/clients is a high level of service for less money. However, more often customers pay attention to such a factor as time – whether the logistics company can deliver the goods on time or even at a specified time.

For any logistics company it is advantageous to wait until the car is fully loaded and not send it along the route half-empty. On the other hand, precious time and no less valuable reputation of the company are lost if the deadlines are broken while waiting for the full load.


In this case the specialists propose not to wait for the car to be fully loaded and the costs to be compensated by a dense and convenient route that will allow visiting objects that are a short distance from each other.


Not the least role is played by staff motivation, primarily financial. However, there are also pitfalls here – if you increase the salary for speed and decrease it for costs, you risk facing discontent or even dismissal. It is much easier to switch to piece-rate payment or to introduce a premium system.


Correct classification of delivery objects can also accelerate logistical processes. Here experts advise to classify the customers into several groups and to allocate the priority one (VIP) – customers that bring the main income to the company. This group requires unconditional fulfillment of the conditions, at times even to the detriment of the company.