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Cold water – healing, disease prevention, it strengthens the body and keeps a good spirit.
Aulus Cornelius Celsus

Mineral water of TM “Jermuk”

Джермук Jermuk 0,5l glass container
Jermuk 0,33l glass container
ДжермукJermuk  1l plastic bottle

Jermuk  0,5l plastic bottle

Natural curative-dining room hydrocarbonate-sulfate sodium siliceous (silicate) water with a unique composition: contains rare mineral substances and biologically active elements, extremely useful for health. Spills on a well in Armenia and in a bottled form retains its unique properties.

Biologically active rare trace elements cause high efficiency in the use of Jermuk water in medicinal drinking purposes for the prevention and recovery of a wide range of diseases of the digestive system, metabolic diseases.

Mineral water “Jermuk” is included in the international directory “The Good Water Guide” – the section of the best bottled waters of the world “The world’s best bottled waters”

ANIONS                         CATIONS
HCO3 1500-2000                   (Na+K) 700-1000
SO4 400-650                       Mg 40-65
CI 150-280                        Ca 125-180