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ТМ "Джермук"

Mineral water TM "Jermuk"

Natural tablehydrocarbonate-sulfate sodium siliceous (silicate) water with a unique composition. It has a special chemical composition: it contains rare mineral substances and biologically active elements that arereally useful for health.

Spring water TM "Jermuk Mountain"

It is natural spring water that undergoes natural purification and is characterized by softness and absolute microbiological purity. Natural water "Jermuk Mountain" is ideal for everyday use - both as drinking water and for cooking.

ТМ «Червона Калина»

Mineral water TM "Chervona Kalyna"

Water of TM “Chervona Kalyna” produces a healing effect, improving health, well-being, strengthening the immune system and positively affecting the nervous system.

Mineral water TM "Chervona Kalyna Lagidna"

This water is for daily use (carbonated, lightly carbonated, non-carbonated). The natural water of TM “Chervona Kalyna Lagіdna” does not have any contraindications and restrictions for use.

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