A good warehouse is a treasure

Speaking about logistics, many people mean only the system of delivery and transportation of goods. Partially this opinion is correct. But if we consider logistics as an integral system, a single organism in the chain of Producer-Buyer, then we cannot ignore the issue of goods storage. For these purposes we need to choose a warehouse. Is this a ...

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About logistics in simple words

The concept of "logistics" has firmly settled in our minds and vocabulary. And it is unlikely that there is a person who can confuse logistics and, for example, logic. But, on the other hand, not everyone understands what direction of work logistics has, what tasks it can solve and how it can improve business processes.
In simple words, logistics ...

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Outsourcing logistics: pros and cons

Establish your own logistics system is not easy, especially when it comes to small or novice companies. Sooner or later any enterprise managers are faced with the choice: to invest huge sums in the creation of their own vehicle fleet and staff of specialists or rely on a third party?

In either of these solutions there are both positive and ...

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Pressing deadlines: how to accelerate logistics processes

What indicator is the most important in logistics? Naturally, all processes are of great importance, but time has the highest priority by right. How to speed up and optimize the delivery time without sacrificing quality?

The country's market is dynamic and in order to remain competitive it is necessary to improve the quality of services ...

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