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About logistics in simple words

The concept of “logistics” has firmly settled in our minds and vocabulary. And it is unlikely that there is a person who can confuse logistics and, for example, logic. But, on the other hand, not everyone understands what direction of work logistics has, what tasks it can solve and how it can improve business processes.
In simple words, logistics is a link between the producer and the end user. Of course, this link hides a huge amount of work that needs to be done to get the desired result: organization of marketing, receipt of orders, establishment of the production and marketing process, premeditation of the optimal route for transport and much more.

The important thing is that it is difficult to imagine activities of any commercial enterprise without effective logistics.

Imagine a situation like this: Enterprise X wants to produce goods while establishing not only the manufacturing process, but also storage and the least costly delivery at the same time. On the other hand, buyer Y wants to purchase the highest quality goods at the lowest prices, delivered at the right time and place.

It is the task of logistics to satisfy the desire of both parties.
Aquadis has developed the best option for goods delivery. This result was achieved thanks to own storage facilities, availability of various transport means and maintenance of uninterrupted supply between the main points.